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                6月24日,國家主席習近平在北京以視頻方式主持全球發展高層對話會并發表題為《構建高質量伙伴關系 共創全球發展新時代》的重要講話。中國外文局所屬當代中國與世界研究院、中國翻譯研究院根據中央媒體及機構發布的中英文內容,重點圍繞講話中的四點“倡議”和各項務實舉措,整理形成漢英對照版,供業界及相關人員參考使用。



                We need to jointly build international consensus on promoting development.


                We need to jointly create an enabling international environment for development. 


                We need to jointly foster new drivers for global development.


                We need to jointly forge a global development partnership.



                allocate more resources for global development cooperation


                upgrade the South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund to a Global Development and South-South Cooperation Fund, and add US$1 billion to the fund on top of the US$3 billion already committed


                increase input to?the UN Peace and Development Trust Fund


                work with all sides to advance cooperation in priority areas and mobilize resources for development to deepen global cooperation on poverty reduction and eradication, build capacity for food production and supply, and promote clean energy?partnerships


                step up innovation, research and development and joint production of vaccines


                work on?the conservation and sustainable use of land and marine ecology


                raise digital literacy?and skills of the public, transform and upgrade the path to industrialization at a faster pace, and enhance digital-era connectivity


                set up a platform for experience and knowledge sharing on international development, a global development promotion center and a global knowledge?network?for development, for the purpose of exchanging governance experience and promoting mutual learning


                host a global forum on youth development and take part in the launch of a global action plan on youth development?



                We must get a good grasp of the overarching development trend in the world, firm up confidence, and act in unison and with great motivation to promote global development and foster a development paradigm featuring benefits for all, balance, coordination, inclusiveness, win-win cooperation and common prosperity.


                Protectionist moves will boomerang; anyone attempting to form exclusive blocs will end up isolating himself; maximum sanctions serve nobody’s interest, and practices of decoupling and supply disruption are neither feasible nor sustainable.



                Only when the granary is full?will?people learn?etiquette; only when people are well-fed and clothed?will?they know honor and shame.


                With one heart and one mind, we can accomplish everything we aspire for.

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