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                2022年6月22日,國家主席習近平以視頻方式出席金磚國家工商論壇開幕式并發表題為《把握時代潮流 締造光明未來》的主旨演講。中國外文局所屬當代中國與世界研究院、中國翻譯研究院根據中央媒體及機構發布的中英文內容,圍繞講話中的四點“倡議”、金句表述及特色用語,整理形成漢英對照版,供業界及相關人員參考使用。


                1. 團結協作,共同維護世界和平穩定。

                We?should?embrace?solidarity and coordination?and jointly maintain world peace and stability.

                2. 守望相助,共同促進全球可持續發展。

                We should reach out to each other?and jointly promote sustainable global development.?

                3. 同舟共濟,共同實現合作共贏。

                We should tide over difficulties together and jointly pursue win-win cooperation.?

                4. 包容并蓄,共同擴大開放融合。

                We should be?inclusive and jointly expand openness and integration.


                1. 歷史長河時而風平浪靜,時而波濤洶涌,但總會奔涌向前。

                Human history, like a river, keeps surging forward,?with moments of both calm waters and huge waves.

                2. 迷信實力地位,擴張軍事聯盟,以犧牲別國安全謀求自身安全,必然會陷入安全困境。

                Blind faith in the so-called “position of strength” and attempts?to?expand military alliances and seek one’s own security at the expense of others will only land oneself in a security dilemma.

                3. 事實一再證明,制裁是“回旋鏢”、“雙刃劍”,把世界經濟政治化、工具化、武器化,利用國際金融貨幣體系的主導地位肆意制裁,終將損人害己,使世界人民遭殃。

                It has been proved time and again that sanctions are a boomerang and?a?double-edged sword. To politicize the global economy and turn it into one’s tool or weapon,?and willfully impose?sanctions?by using one’s primary?position in the international financial and monetary systems will only end up?hurting?one’s own interests as well as those?of others, and?inflict?suffering on everyone.?

                4. 一段時間以來,經濟全球化遭遇“逆風逆流”。一些國家想實行“脫鉤斷鏈”,構筑“小院高墻”。

                For some time, however, economic globalization has faced headwinds and countercurrents. Some countries attempt to decouple with others, sever supply chains and build “a small yard with high fences”. 

                5. 開歷史倒車,企圖堵別人的路,最終只會堵死自己的路。

                Anyone who attempts to turn back the wheel of history and block others’ way will?only?have his own path blocked.

                6. 我相信,只要我們高揚互利共贏之帆、把穩團結合作之舵,金磚國家這艘大船就一定能夠乘風破浪,駛向更加光明美好的彼岸!

                I am convinced that as long as we hoist high the sail of mutual benefit and win-win and keep a steady hand on the tiller of solidarity and cooperation, we will break waves and steer the giant ship of BRICS countries?toward a brighter?future!



                We should stand high and not allow ourselves to be distracted by fleeting clouds.


                History, if not forgotten, can serve as a guide for the future.


                We should respond to people’s concerns, pursue the larger interests of all countries.


                Constant piling up?of earth makes Mount Tai great; ceaseless inflow of rivers makes the ocean deep.



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