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                1. 聚力戰勝疫情。

                We need to pull together to?defeat COVID-19. 


                We must put people and their lives first, actively engage in international cooperation on vaccine R&D, production and distribution, bolster global public health governance, jointly build multiple lines of defense against the virus, and work for a global community of health for all.


                We need to reinvigorate?trade and investment.?


                We need to balance pandemic response and economic development, strengthen macroeconomic policy coordination across?countries, and get the global?economy out of the woods?at an early date.


                We need to help the global economy upgrade its growth drivers, shift its growth model and adjust its structure so as to steer it onto a track of long-term, healthy and stable growth. 


                We should support the WTO-centered multilateral trading regime, ensure security and stability of the global industrial and supply chains, and make the “pie” of cooperation bigger to allow development gains to better trickle down to people of all countries.

                3. 堅持創新驅動。

                We need to unleash the power of innovation in driving development.


                We should tap into the potential of innovation in spurring growth, jointly step up intellectual property protection, make rules on the basis of extensive participation and consensus building, and foster an open, fair, equitable and non-discriminatory environment for scientific and technological development.


                We should intensify exchanges and cooperation on innovation, facilitate integration of science and technology with economic growth, increase the sharing of innovation results, and remove all barriers that hamper the flow of knowledge, technology, talent and other factors of innovation. By doing so, we will better unleash?the gushing vitality of innovation.

                4. 完善全球治理。

                We need to improve on?global governance.


                We should uphold true multilateralism, embrace a global governance vision featuring extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, and mobilize resources from across the world to meet global challenges and advance?global development.?


                We should choose dialogue over confrontation, tear down walls rather than erect walls, pursue integration instead of decoupling, opt for inclusiveness,?not exclusion, and guide reforms of the global governance system with the principle of fairness and justice.


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